Indigestion: Tablets and Help

An old cartoon of a man suffering with indigestion

Indigestion is never nice and it’s not always easy to find a solution that helps you and returns you to feeling comfortable and happy after eating. No one should have to limit what they eat for fear of indigestion, so Supplement Tree have put together a short guide on how you can solve you digestive problems and feel comfortable and happy again.

What is Indigestion?

Indigestion is an extremely uncomfortable ailment that affects a huge number of people. It’s not anything serious and won’t cause lasting damage, but it can be extremely painful and prevent you living life as happily and easily as you should.

There are two types of indigestion: dyspepsia and heartburn. Dyspepsia describes pain in your upper abdomen, while heartburn (the one you’re likely to have heard of!) is a burning sensation behind the breastbone. Depending on your indigestion, you may experience one or both of these at any time.

The symptoms are most commonly felt just after eating or drinking, with particular food or drinks causing more problems that others and causing different affects in different people. Some people find they have trigger foods that they know will cause indigestion. In some ways, this is useful as it allows you to control your problem through what you eat. However, not being able to eat foods you love due to indigestion is never good! You need a lasting and simpler solution that doesn’t limit what you can do.

There are also other factors that are thought to aggravate indigestion or make you more likely to suffer. These include: smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, pregnancy and certain kinds of medication.

The actual pain is caused due to the acid in your stomach damaging the lining of the digestive system. This lining is very sensitive, so if acid comes into contact with it, it can break it down and lead to inflammation and irritation.

The majority of the time, however, indigestion is not caused by inflammation. This tends to be the cause for people that have long-term sufferings. In most cases, it’s usually simply the lining of the digestive system becoming more sensitive. This is often random and hard to predict, but there are solutions.

Treating Indigestion

There are many options for treating indigestion. Many people recommend dairy products, such as drinking a glass of milk. This comes from the idea of the diary combating acid. However, this does little to reduce inflammation if this is the source of your indigestion.

There are options such as antacids that are far more effective as they are chemically designed to neutralise acids that cause the pain of indigestion.

Turmeric supplements to aid indigestion

Antacids work as a solution to the immediate affects of indigestion. The best solutions, therefore, are long term prevention. Supplement Tree provide health supplements that are known to promote a healthy digestive system. Turmeric, for example, has been proved to target the causes of bloated feelings and indigestion. Taking turmeric tablets, for instance, can therefore combat indigestion in the long-term.

So while it’s important to use the regulation of your diet to manage indigestion, there’s no need for this to be the permanent solution. You should be able to have an occasional curry or your daily coffee without the worry and stress of heartburn.

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