How to Avoid Back Pain at Work

Three Main Reasons Why Sitting Down is Killing You

While you are reading this, you are sitting at your computer desk, sitting on a bus on the way to work, or lounging in your favourite chair. Chances are you are sitting down and it is slowly killing you. When you are sitting down all day, you are causing a common issue that many people fight with every day. Back pain and discomfort is something that many of us fight with. It happens when you spend too much time sitting down. You can’t blame it all on your chair because most of us sit wrong. However, many of the chairs that we choose to sit in all day at work are not conducive to good back health. Eight out of ten people will experience back pain in their lifetime. Since back pain is the most common cause of disability for Americans under the age of 45, it is so important to know why and to find out how to make it better. We have compiled the top reasons why sitting down all day is killing you and what you can do about it.

Sitting Puts Double Stress on Your Spine

When you are sitting, there is twice as much stress on your spine than when you are standing. When you are sitting, you don’t move around too much and stay in one position for long periods of time, you are keeping the disks in your vertebrae stagnant and that starves them of essential nutrients.

Slouching When You Sit Causes Posture Issues

If you slouch down as well, you are adding additional stress to the spine. When you are slouched down, your back is pushed into the shape of a “C”. It is not the natural concave of your back, which causes more stress to your spine. When you are slouching, the ligaments are being overly stretched out and that causes the pain in the back. It can also add additional strain. When you stay slouched for hours, you are subjecting your back to continuous damage.

Sitting Messes With Your Body

The strong hip flexor is the psoas. Sitting shortens and tightens the psoas and that will affect how your pelvis rotates. It also increases the weight on the lower back. The hamstrings can also tense up while you are sitting. Not to mention that the muscles in your buttocks stretch out and become weaker. That makes it look flabbier. Your body is affected by you sitting in one spot all day.

What Can You Do About It?

There are some things that you can do to lessen the damage to your body and spine when sitting down all day. It will prevent the damage and make you feel better when you are working all day.

  • Alter your position

Alter your position every fifteen to thirty seconds. You can answer the phone standing up or just walk around your office for a little while. Lean back and contract your abs. however, this is usually only a very temporary solution and in time it won’t matter how much you move around. You will still experience the pain with regular office furniture.

  • Use sit-stand desks

This is one of the most popular ways to solve the issue. By getting an ergonomic sit-stand desk, you are giving yourself an opportunity to have a desk that you can comfortably stand or sit at. This is a revolutionary design because you can change the height of the table and that will give you the opportunity to spend part of your day standing up and working instead of sitting in a chair all day. You will find that you will feel a lot better and have more energy with this design.

  • Use ergonomic office chairs

When you have to sit down, you can choose to use an ergonomic chair that has been designed to comfort your spine and support your back. It is the best solution when you have to sit down for extended periods of time.

Got Back Pain? Try Clinical Pilates

When you are already suffering from back pain, trying clinical Pilates is ideal. Clinical Pilates takes the traditional Pilates exercises and puts them into the hands of medical and physiotherapy specialists, ensuring each exercise is safe to do and addresses pain instead of exacerbating it.

Clinical Pilates is also great for preventing back pain and injuries, not just addressing problems that are already there. Having a clinical Pilates routine will help your posture muscles become stronger and more flexible, combatting the effects of sitting at a desk. Try a free trial at Your Pilates Physio to find fantastic online clinical Pilates courses in the comfort of your own home.


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