Botox Health Benefits

Botox benefits

Botox is a non-surgical beauty treatment which should be carried out by qualified professionals only to give the appearance of more youthful looking skin. When done properly, Botox can have a range of health benefits which go beyond purely aesthetic.

Smooths Out Wrinkles & Fine Lines

The most obvious benefit to Botox is that it will give you younger looking skin by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. The Botox injection will limit the movement around the eyes, making it much more difficult to make the facial expressions which lead to lines and wrinkles.

Reduces Excessive Sweating

Botox can also be used for non-cosmetic reasons, such as to reduce excessive sweating. The medical term for sweating too much is Hyperhidrosis and can be quite embarrassing for the person. To combat this, Botox can be injected into the affected areas and will prevent excessive sweat. This injection is applied just under the skin for this application, rather than directly into the muscle for wrinkles, so this procedure is not as painful.

Prevent Eye Spasms

Botox was originally created to help manage facial spasms, particularly eye spasms. The way Botox works is that it is injected directly into the muscle and limits the movement it can make. While this is an effective skin-smoother, this injection also helps to keep twitches and spasms at bay, giving people more confidence.

Can Prevent Migraines

It is also possible that Botox can be recommended by your doctor if you suffer from excessive migraines. If you have tension-type headaches for at least half of the days in a month, you may notice a significant reduction in headaches after a couple of rounds of Botox treatments. These injections block the pain signals to your brain, stopping you from ever receiving the pain signals for a migraine

Find Out More

Watch the video below to see Doctor Patrick Bowler, founder of Courthouse Clinics, explain the benefits of Botox treatments.


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