Aftershave: What is it and How to use it

Aftershave from Edwin Jagger

If you’ve ever shaved, it’s likely that you’ve experienced soreness, redness or spotting on your skin afterwards. Shaving does a lot of damage to you skin because the blade is abrasive. As it cuts the hairs, it also scrapes the surface of your skin, which can cause a lot of problems. This guide from the English Shaving Company teaches you the importance of aftershave for looking after your face post-shave.

In order to get a close shave, it’s important to use a sharp razor that will cut the hairs close to their base, but this can cause problems for your skin. These issues include: drying out, nicks and cuts, infection of cuts, ingrown hairs and more. Aftershave helps relieve these problems, or prevent them.

Antibacterial post-shave properties

One of the primary functions of aftershave is that is in a disinfectant. When it was first used by barbers hundreds of years ago, it was called an ‘alcohol rub’. Many aftershaves these days don’t contain alcohol at all, but still retain their disinfectant properties. These properties are so important as they allow you to prevent any nicks and cuts from becoming infected. You might not even be able to see the abrasions to your face after shaving, but tiny spots of damage to your skin can become red and inflamed very easily without the application of aftershave.

Moisturising you skin

Post-shave balms and creams (another way of saying aftershave), also help moisturise your face. Men often find their skin becomes itchy a couple of days after shaving, which creams can help relieve. Skin becomes tight and dried out very easily after undergoing shaving. Aftershaves are specifically designed to moisturise the skin. They protect you from the elements that come into contact with your face all day, as well as giving a boost of moisture post-shave.

It can be so important to use aftershave to keep you face from feeling dry. It also means that if you are growing a form of beard, be it whiskers, a moustache or sideburns, they don’t become itchy. When skin is dry, a layer of dead skin can build up underneath your facial hair causing friction and itchiness. Aftershave’s moisturising qualities helps reduce this.

Fragranced Aftershaves

Aftershave also provides a fragrance that helps you feel smart, clean and professional all day. It’s important that when you choose your aftershave, you find a fragrance that works for you. Different men will prefer different smells – and so will the women you’re around! Experiment with the fragrances that you try until you find the perfect one for every occasion.

There are options such as sandalwood, which is traditional and very masculine. There’s also ones that are more aromatic, like bergamot and cardamom. These give a warm and appealing fragrance. Many people opt for mint or citrus. These can also have pleasant affects on your skin, such as light tingling.


If you’ve never used aftershave before, then it’s time to start. Your skin will be suffering! Keep you skin soft, smooth, moisturised and smelling fantastic with a post-shave product such as those offered by the English Shaving Company. Your shave will be smoother and more comfortable from day one.


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