The Benefits of Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a titanium post that acts as a replacement for a missing tooth root, giving structure to your jaw and allowing a stable, permanent mount for an artificial tooth. The new tooth looks real, feel comfortable and (major benefit!) doesn’t restrict your diet.

While one missing tooth is solved with one implant, a whole jaw’s worth of teeth can be replaced with as few as four implants, as they provide the structure your jaw needs to support new teeth. The number you require will depend on your jawbone’s size and strength and is something that your dentist will talk to you about.

However, implants do involve an operation under either local or general anaesthetic (depending on your dentist’s practise and your preference). This means it’s important to consider the benefits properly in comparison to other, less permanent solutions, such as bridges and dentures.

Here are four of the most significant benefits of dental implants:

  1. Jaw strength

Dental implants have many benefits in comparison to bridges or dentures, but the biggest by far is in relation to the jaw. When you have a missing tooth, it’s not just the visible part of the tooth that’s important: tooth roots go down to the jawbone and therefore provide necessary structure to the bone. Without the root, your jaw becomes weaker in time and can change shape, which causes the appearance of premature ageing. While dentures and bridges provide a replacement for the visible part of the tooth, they do nothing to support the jawbone – and ultimately can cause damage to other teeth. With dental implants, the titanium post replaces the root of the tooth and gives structure and strength to your jawbone. It therefore offers a more effective solution than dentures or bridges to missing teeth.

  1. A permanent solution

‘Permanent’ dentures and bridges last up to ten years with the proper care while dental implants can last a lifetime. They require lower maintenance than partial dentures, but you still need good oral hygiene practices to keep them at their best for decades. As the implant sits within the gum, fusing to the jaw, it’s important to maintain healthy gums. Just like with real teeth, regular dental visits ensure that any problems are spotted and sorted, and means your dentist can continually guide you in the best ways to ensure good oral health.

  1. Comfort

While bridges can last up to ten years, your mouth shape changes, particularly without tooth roots supporting your jaw. It means that bridges and permanent dentures can become uncomfortable and loose after a few years. Dentures can also be associated with painful sore spots in the mouth and partial dentures put strain on other teeth. In comparison, dental implants aren’t dependent upon other teeth but, like a natural tooth, are rooted into the gum. This avoids painful and damaging strain on other teeth or sore spots in the mouth.


We need our teeth to help us speak clearly, as every seven-year-old with missing front teeth knows! Patients often struggle with the way loose dentures and bridges cause lisps or difficulty speaking, but as dental implants don’t come loose, they keep your speech sounding natural and your pronunciation clear.

  1. For everyone

Dental implants work for a huge range of people. They aren’t appropriate for growing children, as their jawbones are still changing and strengthening, but every adult with missing teeth should be able to have a dental implant fitted. Some dentists suggest that it is inappropriate for smokers, as smoking affects gum and teeth health, but you should talk to your dentist if you’re unsure!

For some people, extra treatments are required before a dental implant can be fitted. There are three common options: bone expansion (if you’re jaw is too narrow), bone graft (to strengthen your jaw) and a sinus lift (if there is not enough room for the implant in your upper jaw). When you begin the process of getting a dental implant, your dentist will x-ray your jaw to discover if the shape or structure of your bone means you will need an extra treatment.

Dental implants are a fantastic, natural-looking solution to missing teeth that come without the discomfort and fuss of dentures. If you have missing teeth and are interested in finding out more about dental implants, talk to an experienced dentist. Churchfield Dental Centre have a professional and fully qualified team that can guide you through the process with care and consideration – 

Different Types of Massages and Why You Need Them

A healthy body and a healthy mind are all that you need. The best gift that you can give your body is having a professional massage. A massage session will not only give you physical healing but will also heal your mind and make you relax. So, which massage should you go for? There are different types of massage that you can have. Some of them are focused on healing physical injuries on your body while others aim at boosting your mental power. Here are some of the popular types of massage that you should consider having in London.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular type of massage that is offered in London. You will get it in your local massage parlour, clinics, and gyms and in wellness centres. This type of therapeutic massage has been specially designed to work on your psychology. It relieves you from stress and promotes relaxation feeling. The therapist uses oil and lotion to stroke parts of your body that need to be massaged. Prolonged stroking, kneading, wringing and muscle oiling are just some of the activities that make up a complete Swedish massage. At the end of it, you will feel a new person.

Body to Body Massage

Body to Body MassageIt may sound new to you but believe it or not, it is a massage that will leave you with wonderful memories that you will live to remember. You can get an erotic body to body massage in London. In this type of massage, a masseuse uses her body to rub on yours. Slippery lotion and skin oils are used to enhance a smooth, sensual and erotic sliding. For this massage to be fruitful, lots of creativity needs to be involved.

This is the main reason why fully professional massage girls do body to body massage in London. This massage will ignite the erotic feelings in you, and that’s why it is rated as one the most sensual massage. Your body and soul will be taken to an erotic world. The experience will be orgasmic.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a therapeutic massage that targets tissues which are located deeper in the skin. It aims to streamline knots that might have formed in the connective tissue and the surrounding muscles. The mechanisms involved in this massage are friction and slow strokes and they are performed on the affected muscles rather than the whole body. Unlike Swedish massage which is done lightly, deep tissue massage is more intense as it targets muscles that are located deeper into the body. However, the process is done gently, and you should not experience any pain. It is ideal for people who are suffering from acute muscle pain.

Thai Massage

Thai massage mostly goes hand in hand with yoga and is regarded as the most energising massage that you can do. It will raise the energy levels in your body and you will come out of the parlour feeling more energised to do anything. Sometimes Thai massage is considered to be some form of yoga especially if you don’t want to go into the whole process of practising yoga. The therapist will move and stretch you through a series of postures. The massage is done on a special mat that resembles yoga mat. The aim of Thai massage is to improve your flexibility and energise the brain.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is a special type of massage that is designed to suit the needs of expectant mothers. It is common knowledge that pregnant women go through lots of physical and emotional challenges. The massage helps them to relax and be calm. It suppresses the feeling of anxiety among them. Another common problem that expectant mothers go through is back pain. Pregnancy massage can be the best solution as is effective in dealing with back pain. Due to the complexity that is involved, the massage is handled by specialised and well-trained therapists.

Reflexology Massage

As the name suggests, reflexology massage takes care of the body’s ability to respond. How do you react to different situations? In this massage, the therapist will use advanced techniques such as kneading and rubbing so as to make your mind relax and your body to heal. It focuses on the reflex parts of the body such as legs and hands since they are directly connected to the nervous system. Continuous application of little pressure on the reflex areas will result to a balanced nervous system. The result is that you will be less stressed and less anxious

Hot Stone Massage

Just as the name implies, hot stones are used during the massage. The massage therapist will place warm stones on specific parts of the body and at the same time hold some stones as the massage continues. The warmth of the stones will relax your mind and forget all the problems and challenges that you are facing. It also releases muscle tensions by loosening tight muscles. Hot stone massage can be used to reduce the impact of some chronic diseases such as varicose veins diabetes and high blood pressure. However, you should first seek advice from your doctor before opting for this massage.

Sports Massage

Athletes are always engaged in strenuous physical activities and in the course of their duty, they can get injured. A minor problem in the muscles can affect the athlete’s overall performance in the field. Sports massage is tailored to help athletes recover from an injury or be physically fit for the upcoming challenge. It focuses on enhancing the performance specific muscles that are heavily involved in a particular sport. This means that the massage may vary from one sport to another, it all depends on the muscle groups that are involved.

It is evident that each type of massage has its purpose to fulfil. You only need to know your goals and what you intend to achieve from the massage. For instance, if you would like to get the best sensual experience, search for the best body to body massage parlour in London. If you are an athlete or you would just like to energise your soft tissues, sports massage is the best option that you should go for

How to Avoid Back Pain at Work

Three Main Reasons Why Sitting Down is Killing You

While you are reading this, you are sitting at your computer desk, sitting on a bus on the way to work, or lounging in your favourite chair. Chances are you are sitting down and it is slowly killing you. When you are sitting down all day, you are causing a common issue that many people fight with every day. Back pain and discomfort is something that many of us fight with. It happens when you spend too much time sitting down. You can’t blame it all on your chair because most of us sit wrong. However, many of the chairs that we choose to sit in all day at work are not conducive to good back health. Eight out of ten people will experience back pain in their lifetime. Since back pain is the most common cause of disability for Americans under the age of 45, it is so important to know why and to find out how to make it better. We have compiled the top reasons why sitting down all day is killing you and what you can do about it.

Sitting Puts Double Stress on Your Spine

When you are sitting, there is twice as much stress on your spine then when you are standing. When you are sitting, you don’t move around too much and stay in one position for long periods of time, you are keeping the disks in your vertebrae stagnant and that starves them of the essential nutrients.

Slouching When You Sit Causes Posture Issues

If you slouch down as well, you are adding additional stress to the spine. When you are slouched down, your back is pushed into the shape of a “C”. It is not the natural concave of your back, which causes more stress to your spine. When you are slouching, the ligaments are being overly stretched out and that causes the pain in the back. It can also add additional strain. When you stay slouched for hours, you are subjecting your back to continuous damage.

Sitting Messes With Your Body

The strong hip flexor is the psoas. Sitting shortens and tightens the psoas and that will affect how your pelvis rotates. It also increases the weight on the lower back. The hamstrings can also tense up while you are sitting. Not to mention that the muscles in your buttocks stretch out and become weaker. That makes it look flabbier. Your body is affected by you sitting in one spot all day.

What Can You Do About It?

There are some things that you can do to lessen the damage to your body and spine when sitting down all day. It will prevent the damage and make you feel better when you are working all day.

  • Alter your position

Alter your position every fifteen to thirty seconds. You can answer the phone standing up or just walk around your office for a little while. Lean back and contract your abs. however, this is usually only a very temporary solution and in time it won’t matter how much you move around. You will still experience the pain with regular office furniture.

  • Use sit-stand desks

This is one of the most popular ways to solve the issue. By getting an ergonomic sit-stand desk, you are giving yourself an opportunity to have a desk that you can comfortably stand or sit at. This is a revolutionary design because you can change the height of the table and that will give you the opportunity to spend part of your day standing up and working instead of sitting in a chair all day. You will find that you will feel a lot better and have more energy with this design.

  • Use ergonomic office chairs

When you have to sit down, you can choose to use an ergonomic chair that has been designed to comfort your spine and support your back. It is the best solution when you have to sit down for extended periods of time.

When you are in need of office furniture that really supports your back and spine, you want to make sure that you choose a company that has done the research. There are a few companies that offer ergonomic furniture; however, here is where you need to go to get the best quality at the lowest prices. You need your furniture to allow you to sit in a relaxed and neutral position when you are at work. It will allow for a reduction of stress on your musculoskeletal system. That will allow you to get that great posture while you are sitting and relieve the pressure. They have designed office furniture that is going to be the best on your back.

Get the furniture that is going to protect you and keep you feeling young.